Hello!  I’m Kimberly Wells Lewis!

I’m a Certified Professional Life Coach with over 25 years of professional marketing, product development, and management experience in the financial, fashion, and gaming industries.

I’ve always believed that life is meant to be fun.

Of course that means different things to different people.

For me, when I’m having fun, I have a smile on, my eyes are wide, and sometimes I even skip to get from here to there.

And I’ve reached that feeling when I’m doing what I love. I know I’m fulfilling my purpose. I’m living from my soul.

This is what I call fun.

Like most everyone in life, I’ve had my share of ups and downs and challenges that might have been worthy of throwing in the proverbial towel. But my curiosity for learning and growing constantly fuels me.  It has given me a life that I’m proud of, and I know that there’s more. 

I thrive to be the best human and parent I can be.  My quest is to help others do the same!

I’m an inherently creative, innovative, and enthusiastic idea generator and solution provider specializing in change. I’ve helped companies turn their businesses around to realize over 100% in gross sales and a 75% reduction in overall costs. I have a knack to efficiently and simply identify areas of attention and convert them into actionable solutions for long term improvement.

Most importantly, I’m a proud single mother of one amazing teenage daughter. I love playing tennis, playing Chopin on the piano, singing, music, creating, ideation, socializing, inspiring, learning, traveling, being green, most things French and Japanese, Hawaii, speaking different languages, lip gloss, love, and life.

If you’re feeeling my vibes and are ready to live ultra-on, email me at kim@musedujour.com