c’est moi

bonjour, bitches

I’m Kimberly.  I’m a curator and purveyor of all things fine, fresh, fierce, fabulous. And I love to have fun.

A Product of Aloha Meets California  

Born in Hawaii and raised in a California cul-de-sac.  My reprieve were family summer trips of aloha beaches and sun while discovering Japanese culture and innovation.

My  ♥  of the Frenchie

I’m a self-developed, self-trained, self-educated Franco-phile.  This is a result of being forced to stay inside alone with my piano while all of my neighborhood friends played Charlie’s Angels and Cops and Robbers. While stuck practicing classical piano for hours on end, I escaped my loneliness and developed my imagination by daydreaming I was Chopin in Paris. And then I studied French, and one day I went to Paris and self-consummated this Franco-relationship. Ouias.

My  ♥  of the Style

I made my brother play fashion show with me in our backyard, using towels for dresses and croquet balls for boobs.  I pasted my high-school bedroom walls with leftover W magazine ad campaigns of Ungaro and Calvin Klein.  I thrived on my grandfather’s old cardigans and ties, hand-me-downs from cousins and babysitters alike, the occasional high-designer find at Marshalls, and polyester double-knit nastiness.  I threw fashion shows at school.  I started a line of clothing with said brother.  I ran a Frenchie-themed boutique. I started my own line of jewelry. True Story.

My  ♥  of the New

THANK YOU, seventeen years of red-flavored Crest, Clairol pump hairspray, and green-bottled, unscented Ban roll-on deodorant, THANK YOU!  Having to use the same boring routine beauty products over and over again as a kid traumatized me that life as an adult would be boring, routine, mundane and regular, like that Crest in the tube.  Lucky for you, or at least lucky for consumerism and the global economy, I am an addict of finding fresh, fine, fabulous stuff.  I love to try!  Why the hell not?  It’s just life and life is meant to be fun.

My  ♥  of the Universal Energy

Sure, I knew about the threat of bad karma when I was a kid, the warnings of “bachi” (that’s Japanese for “bad luck”) or that “God was watching” me and those kept me in line to be good and do right.  Then grown-up life twists and turns (baby, divorce, financial semi-disaster, moving back(wards) to the town I grew up in, to name a few) heightened my awareness of the effects of positive energies and good vibrations when we are open, fearless, and brave.  I took cues from the universe and spoke the language of enthusiasm, which took me on a journey to make chic and meaningful jewelry with good energy and intentions.  And they brought me here.

Why I’m Here

I’ve been inspiring and motivating women (and some men!) to be their ultimate human selves all of my life by encouraging open-mindedness and positive outlooks.  I’ve translated my messages through communication, styling, making jewelry, entertaining, and love.  I hope this site inspires and motivates you to with the same.  Just remember, the most important life goal is to have fun while living your life fully purposed and balanced with flair, finesse and refinement.  Allons-y!