Culture is such a beautiful word! It derives from a French term, which derives from Latin, “colere,” which means to tend to the earth and grow, or cultivation and nurture. Culture embodies the essence of who, what, and how we are. It defines the particular ways and whys of the things we do. It creates order, semblance, laws, and humanity. It is the glue that bonds us to each other, human to human.


Culture Couture is a 360-degree approach to defining, designing, and developing a life that’s fun with flair:

 It is about creating focus and balance in your personal life, your organization, or business culture so that you’re enjoying your everyday journey as you reach your goals.

It’s about having fun.

 Culture Couture up-levels self-awareness and self-value. 

You’ll have the confidence to achieve the dreams and desires that you already have in your heart and soul.

You’ll reach a high-vibe frequency so that you’re living ultra-on.  

If you’re here, most likely you’re ready to see a change, so you’re ready to make a change. 

 You know who you are. You know what you want.

I’m here to inspire and motivate *avec a plan* to get you there.  

 Let’s make your life fun with flair.


Culture Couture for Women and Men

What would happen if you took the time to give your own life the thoughtful care and consideration to develop your own personal culture, just like corporations do? 

Simply put, while we are just trying to live, we get caught up in life!  And sometimes when we get caught up, we realize our life isn’t exactly where or how we planned it to be.  Whether it’s your career, your financial status, your relationship status, being a single parent, it can be frustrating when you’re not doing or being what you know you’re meant to be. 

Life this way is not fun. (I know!)

What would it feel like to be in touch with your unfiltered soul? 

You’d know what you want. You’d define and develop your plans. You’d be focused. You’d achieve goals. You’d have clarity.

And ultimately, clarity brings happiness.  

Clarity catapults motivation and inspiration. It gives us the green light to go for it.  And when we are truly going for it, we are living to the max, living ultra-on!  

Are you operating at your optimum level of consciousness?  Are you feeling fulfilled with purpose?  Are you enjoying your journey of life? If not or if you’re not even sure, contact me and let’s see if we can work together to make your life fun with flair.


For the Youth

 The negative consequences of social media berate our lives everyday.  Parents, teachers, and mentors address issues by the what-to-do’s and what not-to-do’s. These are just tactics. Culture Couture addresses the source of behavior– character.

As a mother of a teenage daughter, I’m a total advocate of character development through self-motivation.  With Culture Couture for the Youth, I’ve applied successful strategies and tactics into a program designed to develop and recognize self-value and instill self-confidence through fun exercises of self-awareness.  I share messages of programs through assemblies, events, and workshops that provide a fresh perspective and holistic approach to connect and motivate.

My exclusive Confidence Club is a self-development workshop made especially for young ladies who are excited to learn more about themselves and how they influence their world around them.  This 5-week self-care course teaches mind-body-spirit balance through fun and practical exercises on mindfulness, manners, style, and hygiene habits that will last a lifetime, to create happier and healthier human beings.  I truly believe that through self-awareness and self-respect, we are aware and respectful of others.  Working together towards a better future benefits all- our community, our society, our humanity.

If you’d like to bring the Confidence Club to your school, email me!  We also organize team bonding events, workshops, birthday partys at your school, organization, or just with friends at home.  Email me to collaborate and brainstorm the fun!


For Businesses and Organizations

When it comes to the workplace, the best companies understand that their overall long term success is not dependent on their innovative products, their revolutionary services, or the skills of the individual alone. Success depends on the environment in which individuals and ideas are cultivated. 

And just think–where are we spending the majority of our time?

An inspiring corporate culture is a key factor to attract and retain great talent. When the culture is focused with purpose and balanced for fun, we have a place where employees want to come to work and do their part for the greater good, it’s like a mini society. We have a team that’s healthy and thriving.  Amazing happens with this kind of magic!

When a team feels that leadership cares about them as individuals, productivity and efficiency are improved. Culture Couture helps your team members feel their value and increase their self-motivation in a way that is mindful, motivating, and fun.  Whether you’re looking for a total culture revamp or an infusion of positive and motivating energy, we can concoct a plan or event to bring out the best in everyone. Email me so we can discuss ways we can infuse fresh energy and perspective into your organization!