I tried.

Tried to get rid of wearing nude lipstick.  Again.  Eight years ago *ahem* I only wore nude lips.  It made me feel understatedly chic. How could I resist: besides wearing like-silky-skin-Shu Uemura colors, I wore NARS Honolulu Honey, Barbarella, Belle Du Jour…the names alone were appealing enough. My boss (a man) told me I looked like death-warmed-over.  It stuck. I loved it.

2016 and alas, nude comes back.  Again.  So, I had to buy a really great matte nude this time around from the Sephora Lip Last Collection (5224B), along with their “nuthin’ but nude” gel lipliner (which I RARELY buy/use) to change it up from sooo2008.  And I love them.  The texture is smooth, not drying and it smells fruity—is it grape? And the lipliner TWISTS.  Yep, I shouted that. IMG_1122  OK…so without any real “try” here…here’s my death warmed over look.  I swear it looked better in person:

Just when I was super content going back to the 08’s, my friend makes me buy Smashbox “Punked Matte.”  This too is very creamy and smooth.  The smell is a little strange…maybe like a faintly scented vanilla bean candle…? Nonetheless, I love it.



And if we dub nude as the “death-warmed-over” look, then I guess I’ll call this charcoal matte grey lip-chic “zombie-chic.”  IMG_1102And I actually think this might look better in picture—at least for today.  One petite ancillary benefit to this lip color: it is a super non-verbal to the onlookers.  It tells people, “Fifty shades of grey-wha’?  Don’t mess with me.  I got this.  I know what you did last summer,”  and so on…