Have you ever felt like you’re existing in a Wonderland?  a Twilight Zone?  Like you jumped dimensions?

alice confused

For me, I quickly translate these feelings as “I don’t belong.”

When things are just so topsy-turvy and non-sensical, we are simply not feeling.  any.  of.  it.  There’s a reason for this.

Your inner compass of self-awareness is working.  It’s telling you: you are NOT supposed to be here.  You’re not among your like-minded spirits.  You’re not among your like-spirited souls.  You just shouldn’t be here because you don’t belong.

Now realize that this absolutely not a negative thing. There is absolutely nothing bad about it.  It’s simply the universe’s way of letting you know that there is something better and more suitable for you.

As you read this, what comes to mind?  Your work?  Your new circle of friends? A small boutique you walked into?  A city you decided to discover?  A new sport or hobbie?  Think back, then think present.  Meanwhile, read:

The Benefits of Not Belonging:

  • Your inner compass is working!  If you are feeling off, out-of-place, this is a great sign that your intuition is on fleek!  Your self-awareness is high!  You’re an evolved being and you should embrace this.
  • You’re moving on…  Being an evolved being means you know its time to move onwards and upwards and you’re doing it.  You’re not wasting unnecssary time in a place you’re not supposed to be, yet you’re not rushing things either.
  • Your ultimate destination is upon you.  Every little step you take towards gettin’ with your birds of a feather gets you closer to where you’re supposed to be.  And just think, once you’ve journey yourself towards great discovery, you’ll have this amazing proven story to (write about and?!) share.
  • Priceless self-confidence!  Walk taller! Chin up! Face to the sun!  You’ll walk every minute after this experience so proudly, so self-assured, you may not even recognize yourself.  Who snatched your body?  Your confidence did, sugar!  You will be better prepared to recognize the right and wrong situations because YOU are fully functioning.

Not all inner compasses work the same.  Some are faster and some are slower than others.  Some are insta-calibrted, others need a little tweaking.  Give yourself the opportunity to get in tune with your inner compass.  Be open and alert to find the balance within. Be patient with yourself.  Be gentle and loving with yourself.  Oh, and having the same sweet love and understanding for those birds-not-of-your-feather can be a positive thing too.  Yeah, namaste is what I’m talking about.

A Tasty Tip: While I can tell you some great personal examples, I highly recommend reading my absolute favorite book of the adventure of life’s meaning and purpose,  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  It took me years to read this book.  I read a bit of it here and there, but it didn’t resonate so I never finished. Only after meeting my beautiful boyfriend did I start getting into it and finally finished it by him reading it to me at bedtime.  I know now it was meant to be.  It was time.

And now it’s your time!  ♥♥♥