Imagine if everything was “perfect.”  

Ok, I know that you’ve imagined this before. We’ve all rationalized mistakes, screw ups, blunders and bloopers as ok because they are just a part of life’s trials and tribulations. It’s the beauty of life.

imperfection invites fun

We rationalize because we are not perfect, actually. 

And here’s a news flash: Life isn’t perfect. Nothing is perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect and so ha!

Everything is wonderful, actually. 

For kicks, imagine what a perfect life and perfect world would look like. Start with your own.  For me:

I absolutely love that winning feeling

  • I would never miss a single shot in tennis. I’d never lose a point. I’d always win. 🎾 
  • I would not have to work with people who do not understand or share my mindset or values or means to reach business goals. I’d always get my way. #winning 
  • I would have sculpted abs, a waist that was ten inches smaller than my hips and bust, and a bangin’ booty to boot. Oh yeah, and again, I’d always get my way. #superwinning 
  • I’d have no body hair whatsoever, except for places like my eyebrows and eyelashes. And those would be lush and magnificent. I’d probably be a blend of Italian, Moroccan and Chinese. 

No way perfect. This picture. lol

  • I’d have a face free of smile lines, laugh lines, budding crows feet, pores, and binder-papered lined forehead. I’d be flawless and forever 21-ish.
  • I’d have a house that was dust-free and clutter-free. I’d be living in an IKEA catalog 24/7.

The reality is that nothing is perfect and we shouldn’t want for perfect. We shouldn’t want to live in a fantasy land.

Why? Because perfect, at the end of it all*, is ultimately boring and dull.

*Notice I said at the end of it all, not at the end of the day.  For one day, perfect might actually be amusing. πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Now think about our societal obsession with (our definition of) perfection and thus, sameness. When and why did this begin? Is it Barbie and Ken’s faults?  Is it Hollywood’s fault?  Is it your mama’s fault?

Also, forgive me for the insinuation of “blame” as it is truly anti-my-philosophy. I like to speak with positivity and love without blame. But for the sake of impact, how can you not? 

Perhaps it is because of the Divine Law or Natural Law of the universe.  Perhaps it is simply evolution.  When did we go from a natural path towards reaching better and improved to a bee-lined, streamlined, artificially quick-fix-induced GMO’d society?

Everything has been impacted. The food we eat.  The plastic surgery and enhancements we elect.  The cute designer pooches we spend thousands on. The filters and photoshop we use on our pictures. We do all of these for the sake and seek of perfection.

Our certified non-GMO’d/non-designer pooch from the pound.

What will the future look like if we keep on this path?  Comment dit-on “‘bots?” 

Let’s not find out. Let’s all do our part. Embrace imperfection.

Imperfection is the beauty that keeps us as unique individuals with an interesting world of nuances and discoveries. Imperfection allows for the journey of bloopers and blunders to never be mistakes. Imperfection leads to improvement and ultimately to satisfaction of the mind and soul because of the creative appeal of variety and choice. It is our fulfillment of desire to find solutions and “the better” that takes us on the quest for the best.

C’est la voyage, toujours!

So the next time you’re striving towards perfection, here’s some thinking food: Personalities.  Love.  Relationships. Weather.  Clothing. Cars.  Food.  Pets. Bodies. Babes. Boobs. Butts. And now Breathe!

Embracing differences and appreciating diversity is an evolution of our humankind.

It’s imperfect, naturally.

And that’s perfect, actually.

Totally not perfect and that’s ok!