I was in search of… and then I found… The New.

Embarrassingly, I’ve had the same hairstyle (more or less) for about 8 or 9 years.  I rarely gave it more than a few thoughts.  I was comfortable and satisfied as it was familiar and fine.IMG_0719

When I did have those few thoughts, I asked myself WHY I didn’t try something new.  I mean, I LOVE new.  I love new products, colors, innovation, environments, food, drinks, friends, STUFF…so why was I stagnant with my hair?

Change.  Change brings  new efforts, new looks, new thoughts.  I guess I wasn’t ready to see a change in myself, a change in ME.  But WHY?  I’ve certainly gone through a lot of changes in the last 8-9 years and embracing them has only brought positive goodness, even through all of the “lessons-learned.” So why should hair be different?

I think for me, I’ve learned that a big hairstyle change is something that everyone can see, which is complete exposure and sharing it.

And perhaps, this change is indicative of the significance of this site, this journey.







let’s see where we go…#musedujour