According to science, your most productive creative brain operates in the morning, just after waking, just after dreaming.  That makes sense to me.  Dreams are made up ONLY of possibility.  Dreams are things that you conjure up all by yourself, without anyone telling you that your thoughts are right or wrong. Think about it: dreams are infinite possibility. Dreams are what you and only you create.  Yes, you and only you own your dreams!


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I’m dreamin’ Frenchie when I wear my Lacoste polo avec neck scarf.


Dreams are created from our souls

From birth, the heart of every living soul beats creativity.  During the course of life, we learn to analyze and edit our creativity.  We become accustomed to this and next thing you know, our creative spirit is either dampered or diminished.  We live this life with the exoskeleton of our natural birthright.  We lose verve.  We lose zeal.  We lose our joie de vîvre.

Whether you’ve lost your joie de vîvre completely, need a soul revival, or creative awakening, here are a few ideas to get back that lovin'(life) feeling:

  1. Write, create, brainstorm, conceptualize, think of magnificent ideas in the morning.  Your brain is free from analysis paralysis so you’re optimizing your creative powers to think free and far.  You’re feeling most limitless, fearless, and fun.
  2. Get active. Get distracted.  Sometimes focusing on the task at hand to “be creative” is a lot of pressure! Notice however when you’re not meaning to be creative, you are?  Go do something else and see what happens, like go driving, explore a new environment, listen to music, play tennis, do yoga, run, have a great conversation. Science nerd alert: all of these involve dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter that we relate to feeling good and reward, and is directly related to creativity.
  3. Record your ideas in an attractive notebook.  Notice I didn’t say pretty or beautiful? That’s subjective.  A notebook with an interesting cover or paper-insides inspires all important ideas to be recorded and referenced repeatedly.  You’ll enjoy seeing your beautiful ideas beautifully packaged. A sense of pride kicks in and encourages more. It kinda relates to that dopamine-thing again.
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And of course, a themed notebook and Pylones pen don’t hurt the mood du jour…


I used to love to go to sleep to dream.  *please hold while I put on some Fiona Apple…*  In my dreams, I’d be free to go, to do, to say.  I was free!  With wisdom, time, experience, I now know better.  We can live our dreams.

And we live our dreams with creativity.  Release your creative beast, awake your soul and make it all happen.  Everything. Whatever you want.  No editing.  No analyzing.  Just living. ♥