As life has it, carrying a huge leather Dooney and Bourke 15-lb empty bucket bag along with the 15-lb brick cell phone, being pregnant then pushing a human out of your body, a marriage termination, 4-inch YSLs, lifting weights, and being a child-labored-weed-pulling maniac in the suburbs can contribute to real, unadulterated physical lifelong pain.

Time goes on and pain comes and goes, and you find honest solutions -not those band-aid quick fixes- to alleviate the ouch.  You incorporate yoga, acupressure, hot tubs, saunas, massages, exercise into your life. But later, eventually, for some reason, the things that always worked- suddenly don’t.

You then take your curious mind to the next level and you learn about alignment.  Alignment refers to how the head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles relate and line up with each other. Proper alignment puts less stress on the spine and helps you have good posture.

Your body, your car and tires, your relationships, your LIFE all function optimally when everything is in proper alignment.

So if you’ve not really thought about the root of that back pain, or that weird knee popping thing you have, how your car dances the shimmy when you hit 75 mph, or how bad luck things are popping up, or just a general blasé or malaise, here are a couple of thoughts to inspire some mindfulness on the importance of alignment:

  • As we inevitably age, our bodies inevitably change. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I love getting older.  But, sometimes aging changes are odd and random and quite frankly, unnecessary.  Like for example, when your favorite Jimmy Choos or YSL high heels that you’ve paraded for years, suddenly fit differently. Even when you look down at your toes, you can tell something is different.  Maybe your toenail is crooked. Maybe, as Anjelah Johnson revealed, maybe your toe is crooked. Then a few days pass, you bend down to pet the dog and voilà le POP!  Nope, it’s not champagne- it’s your back.  Luckily, your inserts for your tennis shoes arrived. While you bought these to help improve your game, you try them on and OMG. You feel instant relief. You are able to walk upright within an hour. Within 12 hours you can twist your back and kick your legs, and within 24 hours you’re a complete homo sapien again.  I am going to wholeheartedly recommend my lifesavers to everyone who’s experiencing some mysterious pinch in their back, a weird corkscrew feeling in their knee, lower back pain, upper back pain, etc.  I love these things and they often have some kind of two-fer deal. MUST HAVES for the YOUNG AT HEART:
  • As we inevitably age, WE inevitably change.  Our tastes, preferences, our abilities, capabilities, the way we spend our free time, and the people with whom we spend the time evolve. It’s a natural navigation based on the development and refinement of our life experiences and perspectives.  In other words, you live and learn, subjectively.  In the beginnings of dating, I started to take note of the change of “luck” in my life as it corresponded with each new boy I dated. or new friends I started hanging out with.  I noticed this particularly when I was dating this guy, Mike.  Mike was handsome and charming, witty, funny, smart, but I felt he was kind of a slacker and a shyster (he was a pre-law student, btw).  Within the second week of dating him, I got a hefty parking ticket.  As a student, this meant I’d have to survive on Top Ramen even beyond my paycheck to make up for this lame liabilty.  The next week, I got a speeding ticket.  The week after that, I got a super F on a test that I wasn’t even aware of.  Of course, did I have anything to do with these things?  Sure.  But, now, in retrospect, I believe that his bad juju was vibin’ some bad shit into my aura.  As soon as I stopped dating him (which was that next week), my life corrected.  After so many of those types of experiences, my awareness heightened and I started to trust gut feelings as I developed my intuition.  I knew when I wasn’t with the right tribe. The misalignment was not a pain that I’d ever want to get used to.

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Ah-lignment!  Planets, people, atoms, molecules, the earth, the sun, the sea and the moon, countries and their leaders, all perform optimally with proper balance and alignment.  Ancient cultures schedule weddings and prepare for good or bad fortune depending on just the right planetary alignment.  Atoms have to balance the right electron and proton charges in order to create matter.  Really think about it.  When you are surrounded with the right people, it feels right, and it’s about energy. Healthy, balanced energy affects the things you do, how you do them, and their outcomes.  How do you know when you’ve got the balance right?  You’ll know when the efforts you put forth reveal the desired outcomes. Positive results seem most effortless.  It will feel as if you’ve swallowed a four-leafed clover and perma-luck is permeating from within.  Trust that you’ll know when you’ve got it.  You’ll feel it. And when you do, be sure to be absolutely grateful, share it, and show it.  I promise that it returns in abundance.  Think Amelie after she helps the blind man through the neighborhood. Yes, it’s truly magical.

amelie - blind man's revelation

Yes. On the opposite end of the bad-luck-bears boyfriend example there are certain people who just bring dream-like magic into your life.  Yes. This is when good luck seems boundless and you’re constantly in awe of the good fortune that continues to shower your life.  For me, that one person is my daughter.  Ever since she entered my life, my life has been a blessing of beautiful positivity.  And no, I’m not religious, but she is seriously an angel of good energy.  Another story, another day.

My tribe!  p.s. just look at how light and bright she is…it comes from the inside.


Align yourself because pain-free is the way to be.  And that’s just liberating, n’est-ce pas?