Gold Druzy and Howlite

How it Looks:   Spectacular.   Amazing.  Wow.

How You’ll Look:   Fierce.  Relatable.  Intriguing.

Who This is For:  Not the Soft-spoken

The Science:  If you’re looking for a spotlight grabber, Brigitte is your bitch.  The gold druzy simply lights ignites and captures the attention of everyone around it.  And it makes sense: this stone ignites the solar plexus chakra which is wonderous for personal power, affluence, prosperity, as well as abundance. Wear this and you’re so money.

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Product Description

Wrist Candy

6.5 inches on Stretch Elastic

Handpicked natural and organic gemstones.

Just like everything in life, let these roll on/roll off   ♥  please don’t tug or pull  ♥


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