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Rose Quartz   White Quartz   Pink Sapphires

How it Looks:   Sweet.   Sharp.   Feminine.

How You’ll Look:  Ladylike.   Loving.   Powerful.

Who This is For:  The Lover in You

The Science:  This wrist candy’s metaphysical powers got you feelin’ like ♥ ♥ ♥ is on your side.  Quartz is an all-purpose healing stone: it’s an energizer that increases spiritual growth, stimulates inspiration and reduces fear.  Rose quartz promotes love and relationships.  Remember when pink was the new black, aka it was the neutral basic of the wardrobe?  Well, keep that in mind and think of it as a something you can wear with everything, or as they say in the beauty world, “It’s BUILDABLE.”  And that’s beau-da-bile!


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