Clear and White Quartz

How it Looks: Fresh. Clean. Modern.

How You’ll Look: Clear. Sharp. Focused.

Who This is For: The Higher-Ground Seeker

The Science:

The long and winding roads we journey throughout our lives are like mini-Alice in Wonderland adventures, where we ultimately want to just get home to Clarity.  Clarity is our best friend.  She never lets us down.  She is patient, kind, caring, and is always right, right now.  Quartz is an all-purpose healing stone, symbolizing windows of light and clarity:  it’s an energizer that increases spiritual growth, stimulates inspiration and reduces fear.  And just like its energy properties, this wrist candy is all-purpose, too.  It’s neutral style make it wearable with EVERYTHING, buildable with other wrist embellishments, and so necessary for everyday goodness.  Wear this any time, any place, any day. and remember: clarity may be seldom, but she’s always a welcomed guest.


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Product Description

Wrist Candy

Stretch Elastic

Natural and organic gemstones.  Unique, like you.

Just like everything in life, let these roll on/roll off   ♥  please don’t tug or pull  ♥


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