Turqouise    Pink Sapphire    Rose Quartz

How it Looks:   Youthful and Kind

How You’ll Look: Mindful.   Modern.  Chic.

Who This is For:  The Natural Mind

The Science: Turquoise and Sapphire make an exotic cocktail.  Native American cultures believe Turquoise helps to connect the mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe.   Pink sapphires are a symbol of love and inspire creativity.   As you examine the character and unique beauty of each stone, you’ll find yourself mesmerized and attached; you’ll never want to be without this wrist candy.  Wear this when you’re feeling exotic and strong and ready to release your inner She-Ra. Now go ahead, take on the day knowing that indeed, you do have the power!

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Product Description

Wrist Candy

6.5-7 inches stretch elastic

Natural and organic gemstones.  Unique, like you.

Just like everything in life, let these roll on/roll off (—please don’t tug or pull).


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