Carnelian   Raw Sapphires  Clear Flourite

How it looks:   Understated Glam meets Mediterranean-Cali

How you’ll look:     Elegant yet Casual.   Sophisticated.

Who this is for:   The Confident Casual

The Science: Carnelian and sapphires were both gems of the nobility.  Carnelian is a high energy stone that is said to protect against negative Nellies and attracts good luck and good fortune.  Sapphires symbolize truth and faithfulness and also attracts financial abundance. These stones together manifest style and intention; wear it at a job interview as it increases personal power, or let it add some flair to a great pair of jeans and a white tee.  Either way, you’re royal!

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Product Description

wrist candy

7 inches on stretch elastic

natural and organic gemstones so each one is unique, like you.

and just like some things in life, let these roll on/roll off…please don’t tug or pull ♥


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