Quartz Crystal Ethiopian Antiqued Brass

How it looks: Pure. Minimalist. Dainty.  

How you’ll look: Simple. Easy-going. Precise.

Who this is for: The Understated Do’er

The Science:

Clarice is a simply chic and pure-hearted BFF.  The crystal quartz teardrop is one of joy, not sadness and not that of a clown!, because it offers a balance of femininity and empowerment.  Quartz is said to not only assist in removing blockages, but it also activates the energy centers of your bangin’ body.  Wha’? Ok, in other words, it is supposed to help to think clearly and focus on dreams and desires.  Wear this when you’re looking to focus on your dream life and finally finish that website.  Oops…I’m thinking out loud again.

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Product Description

wrist candy

6.5-7 inches on stretch elastic

natural and organic gemstones so each one is unique, like you.

and just like some things in life, let these roll on/roll off…please don’t tug or pull  ♥


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