Lapiz Lazuli, Iolite, Amethyst

Wear for: truthful communication

inner vision



Chakras:  Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

Like a smooth, elegant snake, little lapiz beads wrap right around your throat chakra encouraging your good words of truth and freedom from negative thoughts.  At the tail ends of this seductive beauty, dangle gems to take you down inner journeys to your deep self; iolite. Beautiful and dark, the violet-blue hues of iolite are mysterious and captivating.  It is the stone of the muses as it activates the visionary and creative side of the mind.  It helps awaken awareness and inspires individuality and self-expression of all kinds including writing, movement, and song.  Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, clearing negative influences and attachments from your energy field. The ingredients of this lariat will inspire an elevated you. And when you change your energy, you attract a different energy.  Be open to the possible.


Out of stock


33 inches

Gold plated accents

One of a kind, like real women


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