Labradorite Carnelian on Silver

How they look: Forward. Delicate. Understated. One of a Kind.

How you’ll look: Thoughtful. Chic. Classy. Unique.

Who this is for: The Sharp Sophisticate!

The Science:

You can talk to others without moving your mouth.  Wear the Belle Neck Ticklers and let the bijoux speak…labradorite helps to stimulate intuition and imagination while carnelian reinforces your confidence within to approach new projects and dreams.  Wear these for a job interview for good luck and to welcome opportunity and/or to awaken your hidden talents with enthusiasm and clarity. You’ve got this now go show them your stuff, big shot!

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Neck ticklers.

Sterling Silver posts

Gemstones are natural and organic so each one is unique.

And just like women, there are no two Isabelle Neck Ticklers alike in the world.


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