Turqouise   on   Gold

How they look:   Organic.     Sophisticated.    Native.

How you’ll look:   Chic.     Exotic.    Earth-loving.

Who this is for:   The Conscious Corpor-ette (with a little more edge)!

The Science:    Just because you’re working for the man doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your inner-earth girl.   Turquoise brings protection, encourages leadership in the workplace, and encourages clear communication.  Balancing the stones’ beauty in a chic, simple design screams you love Mother Nature but you also love the nightlife and like to boogie.   The longer length says you really like to boogie.  Bring these turquoise Neck Ticklers when travelling for safety and protection—besides, you could wear these with everything from a little black dress to jeans and a t-shirt.  Now go make some more money and plan your next trip!

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Product Description

Neck ticklers

Gold Filled posts

Gemstones are natural and organic so each one is unique.

And just like women, there are no two Tarareh Neck Ticklers alike in the world.


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