Amethyst    Sapphire    Golden Swarovski Crystal    on Gold

How they look:    Smart.    Elegant.   Royal.

How you’ll look:   Pretty.    Balanced.    Loved.

Who this is for:   The Wisdom Seeker!

The Science:    Amethyst encourages inner strength by balancing emotions and promoting spirituality.   Pink Sapphire not only inspires creativity but is a symbol of love and also encourages spiritual growth.  Wear these when you’re looking to grow your mind, to gain wisdom, and to be the best you can be.  Think of purple as the new black and you’ll wear these when you want to add a bit of pretty to your panache, a little pep to your step, or a little serenity now.  Whatever and whenever, you know your strengths and you to grow. Kirti will help your path…now follow the yellow brick road and GO!

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Neck ticklers.

2.25 inches in length

Sterling Silver posts

Gemstones are natural and organic so each one is unique.

And just like women, there are no two Kirti Neck Ticklers alike in the world.


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