Rose-copper Pearls on Silver

How they look: Multi-dimensional. Perfect with Everything.

How you’ll look: Bright. Chic. Glowing.

Who this is for: The Glow-Getter!

The Science:

Pearls have been worn to provide insight—they stimulate femininity and self-acceptance.  Pearls lift your spirit and make you feel calm and beautiful.  The mysterious natural opalescence seem to act like a luminous complexion illuminator for glow-on-fleek!  Pearls have a certain appropriateness for every occasion—wear these to an important meeting at work or to dinner at your man’s parent’s house.  They are THE no-brainer-go-with-anything accessory and they bring your shine.  So lift your chin, sit up nice and tall and get your glow-on!

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Product Description

Ear Kissers

Sterling silver posts

Gemstones are natural and organic so each one is unique.

And just like women, there are no two Audrey Ear Kissers alike in the world.



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