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Lemon Quartz     Amethyst

How they look:   Clean.   Luxe.  Understated.

How you’ll look:   Chic.   Royal.   Bejeweled.

Who this is for:   The Confident Elegant

The Science: The combination of the light canary yellow and true purple may remind you of violets and that may further bring “shy violets” to your mind, but there is truly nothing shy about Grace.  Wear these with your hair back and they should surely be noticed.  Lemon quartz is meant to bless its wearer with optimism, well being, and creativity.  Amethyst is known for protection, especially from intoxication.  Wear these around certain energy suckers or whenever you need that certain extra strength to keep you moving toward the light, into the light.  You’ll be surprised by just how Grace goes with everything–dark grey, emerald green, or a shower of golden shine.  You’ll see…they bring understated elegance to any atmosphere.

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Product Description

Neck ticklers

Sterling silver posts

Natural and organic handpicked gemstones

And just like women, there are no two Graces alike in the world


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