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Iolite   on   Matted Vintage Gold Brass

How they look:   Magnetizing.    Sexy.    Mysterious.

How you’ll look:   Confident.    Precise.   Multi-faceted.

Who this is for:   The Creative Visionary

The Science:  Most magnificent when held up to bright light, Liv mesmerizes as she displays her mysterious shades of midnight blue, deep sea purple and of course, violet.  Wear these and you may catch others staring at you like a snake to its charmer, and for good reason: iolite is said to provide vision to move us between realms and it activates the visionary and creative side of the mind.  When you’re not hanging them from your ears, try placing them on your thrid eye chakra for visualization.  Yeah, if you’re ready to bring some long-awaited order into your life, Liv is your gal.  She may help you in recovering balance and improving a lack of motivation.  Whoa, are we calling you a slacker?  Mais non, mes cheries!  We are just saying…sometimes new friends are the best friends.  

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Product Description

Neck ticklers

14k gold-filled posts

Natural and organic gemstones, handpicked and unique.

And just like women, there are no two Liv Neck Ticklers alike in the world


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