Moonstone Labradorite

How they look: Elegant. Sexy. Sparkly. One of a Kind.

How you’ll look: Smart. Chic. Sophisticated. Gorgeous.

Who this is for: The Divine Dreamer

The Science:  

This power bracelet is especially made for the femme fatale, just like its sister bracelet, Lunita.  Moonstone is known as a stone of the divine feminine and allows you to represent your true self. Labradorite’s mesmerizing opalescent qualities promote open-mindedness and help actualize dreams and goals.  This bracelet is flexible enough to go everywhere and with most anything, and real women know that these are qualities of a girl’s true best friend.


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Product Description

wrist candy

7 inches on stretch elastic

natural and organic gemstones so each one is unique, like you.

and just like some things in life, let these roll on/roll off…please don’t tug or pull  


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