Monique and Mara


Amethyst Labradorite Rose Quartz

How they look: Elegant. Casual. Bright.

How you’ll look: Chic. Sophisticated.  

Who this is for: The Fearless Femme!

The Science: 

Labradorite and amethyst encircle your wrists to deliver power, energy manifestation, intuition enhancement, as well as stress relief.  The colors together look subtle yet bright, like you’re mindful and tasteful–so aware.  Wear these to a new friend’s party or when you’re presenting at work.  You’ll feel strong and calm while you confidently non-verbally tell everyone you know how to roll and you’re rollin’. Heyyyy…

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Product Description

twin wrist candies

7 inches on stretch elastic

natural and organic gemstones so each one is unique, like you.

and just like some things in life, let these roll on/roll off…please don’t tug or pull  


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