Amethyst    Quartz Crystal    Rose Quartz

How it looks:   Bright.    Light.   Right.

How you’ll look:    Playful.    Pure.     

Who this is for:   The Poweress!

The Science:  Amethyst was supposed to protect against drunkenness or poison back in the day.  It is used these days to calm the mind and spirit and enhance meditation. So while you may not wear this to your yoga practice, maybe you’ll wear it to your party.  Don’t worry, it won’t kill your buzz but it will also not prevent you from getting wasted and silly.  Oui, that’s a disclaimer!  The quartz crystal is supposed to resonate energy of its wearer, so just know, ma cherie, that you may manifest your goals and fulfill your desires more effectively with Pura, so resonate with care! Of course the question is, WHAT exactly will you be stimulated and determined to do?  Only one way to find out…

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wrist candy

Approx 6.5 inches on stretch elastic

natural and organic gemstones so each one is unique, like you.

and just like some things in life, let these roll on/roll off…please don’t tug or pull  


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