Musedujour is a resource for creating your own personal style, from the inside out.  It’s about having fun, self awareness, absolute positivity, and adventure to be the best you can be while embracing your true you…all with with finesse et refinement.


Are you completely amazed by how so many girls can make a perfect face of perfect makeup and hair?
I absolutely love to watch and learn these incredible makeup trends and tips, but I must say that the pressure to be totally perfect just is not my vibe. I am someone who’s more spontaneous, more haphazard but in an organized controlled way. I have a method to my madness!


There is a certain intimacy hidden within a woman’s choice of jewelry.  It’s a sophisticated secret way of communicating without words, like that hint of perfume that waifs in the wind when you walk on by, or the way you slowly and seductively apply your lipgloss.  Jewelry is personal and unique and it expresses you, your style, and who you are.  Muse du Jour jewelry is made with good vibes, beauty, style, meaning and intention. Express yourself.  Stylishly.  Confidently.


Are you like me and always in a rush getting dressed? I don’t pick out outfits ahead of time. Too much time to think is my demise—in life. That’s another story. But when it comes to putting the finishing touch on my outfit, I want to accessorize with SOMETHING, otherwise I feel incomplete.