embrasse la femme!

A Femme.  Une femme, to be exact.  This means, “a woman.”  Just wanted to get this definition clarification out of the way.  And so we continue:

Being a woman is the ultimate embracement of a beautifully complicated simple self, and it is the greatest gift the universe will ever bestow upon you.  There is so much for you; so much freedom, latitude, interpretation, options, opinions, and choices.  They are all just waiting for you on a silver platter.  And if you don’t like them, you can flip that tray from underneath, and all of these options are tossed, overturned and dismantled, only to have the silver platter fill up with a curated menagerie of new delicacies.  

Being a woman gives you freedom.


I’m totally freeeeee!


You can change your mind, your attitude, your hair length, lip color, height, and outfit at any given time, on your own terms, with your own rules. It gives you the right to be glorious, toned-down, regal, understated, but s’il vous plaît! always chic and femme.  

In the morning, I’m au naturelle.

bonjour et naturelle


In the afternoon, I’m laid back and all smiles.


love on my mind

In the evening, I’m Parisian; mysterious and chic.


naughty naughty


The next morning I’m a tennis beast.

Tennis is my Racquet. Stella Mccartney for the WIN

Tennis is my Racquet. Stella Mccartney for the WIN

And then I change again.

And this magnificent ability to chameleon not just with your environment, but with humeur aka your mood, well, that is just complete superpower and that power is completely superwoman.  Completely Femme.