I’m not here to press on about the latest fashion trends, force feeding it to you like food down a goose’s neck. No, I’m not trying to make fashion fois gras out of you.

I’m here to amuse, but more than that, to inspire you to be yourself: and that’s your very best. I’m here to inspire your own style by developing your own personal brand, your culture couture. I’m also here to help you make sure it makes sense, not only to yourself, but to everyone else.

I’m also here to help you find the useful tools you need to make your brand work. These are the little stars to your universe. The wonderful herbs and spices to your gourmet meal. The instruments to your symphony. The marketing pieces of your personal campaign.
So let’s just say… par exemple:

So you’re a smart, sweet, trusting, loving, unapologetically honest woman who has a fun, open-minded and open-hearted spirit. You play tennis (because not only do you love the sport, but you love that skirts are de rigueur). You have a job to FUN-d your life, but you are truly a creative bird with wings to take you to higher ground. You love to travel to warm-weathered lands but you also love the thrill of an established, old-worlded city that oozes with the left-over spirits and verve of yesteryear. You love these leftovers so much, you breathe them in, you swallow them whole, you become one with your environment. You love food and flavors from different cultures. You find beauty in the breakdown of language; words make up unusual E flat minor and D minor 9th chords and the melody is music to your ears.

You appreciate the energy and attention to all things beautiful but beauty has its own definition for you. It is not a traditional definition. It is a judgment.

You find beauty in a toddler’s laugh.
The pride in your child’s face of accomplishment.
The brightness of clouds against an aqua sky.
The pieces of art your talented friends make.
The beautiful yoga energy that emits from your girlfriend.
The three beautiful daughters born to your best friend.
The support and confidence from your colleagues to do more.
The music that comes from your lifelong friends’ fingers.
The love that you can see and feel from his gaze.

Because you love, and oh how you love, you see and appreciate the things in life that make your life a more beautiful thing. You’re in search of The New.

You seek new music.
You seek new colors.
You seek new scents.
You seek new looks.
You seek new creatives.
You seek new cultures.
You seek new flavors.
You seek new personalities.
You seek new adventures
You seek more.

And with all of that ^^, you seek to make your personal self a new and beautiful place, being, adventure, culture, product; a brand.

Knowing what you love and knowing what you’re about,

what is important to you,

helps determine how you create your look.

Are you wearing the latest trends from the stores at the mall? Are you a boutique bitch? Do you prefer to peruse your grandmother’s closet?

Do you find the creativity in a gritty Salvation Army that’s off the beaten path? Can your imagination and ingenuity take you online to that one special piece you conjured in your mind? Can you find secret gems in a Century 21, Ross or TJ Maxx?

And how do you put your outfits together? Do the pieces make sense? Do they coordinate and integrate with your personal brand? Allow me to inspire you in a way that is fun, creative, and truly YOURS.

I’m your muse du jour. Merci.

So, use the muse.